Beats me why i bothered

by Steven X Davies

supported by
Simon Waldram
Simon Waldram thumbnail
Simon Waldram Anger, pain, resentment, forgiveness, love and beats. An electronic based album with a number of instrumentals. "Bam, Smack, Pow" is amazing. Get this and everything else Steven does. Favorite track: Bam, smack, pow.
Ouroboros Pig
Ouroboros Pig thumbnail
Ouroboros Pig Somehow, David Bowie merged with Gary Wilson and took a bunch of experimental drugs to ease his existential angst. It didn't work; so this new being created a tense and restless album released under the pseudonym "Steven X Davies". Favorite track: Brightest undead position.
Anda Volley
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Anda Volley Such a great album of experimental sounds. Love the dark lyrics and a voice that at times reminds me of Bowie, Neil Young, and the Flaming Lips


Mostly recorded in a one day(9 tracks) recording session on Good Friday. It was a great experience to just keep pumping out the tracks in that day. Mostly Recorded using mainly my Dave Smith Mopho onto my Logic Pro X. Mostly without vocals in this release. I was just going to have totally no vocals here but decided I still have a few words that I want to say. Thanks to Simon Waldram, Anda Volley, Wolf, Jungian Father and Glenn Davies especially for your support of my music through your listening and kind words.


released May 9, 2014




Steven X Davies Sydney, Australia

Singer Songwriter from Sydney Australia who doesn't care too much for Bio bullshit as he is too busy making music that's often heartfelt,honest,a bit crazy and unique.. so what are you waiting for... go on get listening or fuck off!

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Track Name: Only death will kill
The madness in your eyes they freak me out
That's why I poisoned you
The plane started descending toward the ground
I'd die thinking did I ever know you
We've fallen about as far as we can go
But now we'll die so you'll never know
I still love another in my heart
You demanded everything gone
but only death will kill the heart
Track Name: Brightest undead position
Brightest Undead position

Bright, bright
shining nicely in the light
Dead Tired
Wishful Death
Its haunted you again
now you take your place
walking alone towards no end
brightest Undead
brightest Undead position

Light so bright light
shining nicely in the dead
haunted by the night
darkness take its place
Feeling alone again
brightest Undead
brightest undead position
brightest undead position
brightest undead position
brightest undead position
Track Name: Lexapro
I'd like to thank you for the great mood that you have put me in now
I have discovered lexapro

It numbs all my suicidal feelings
It helps my anxiety let go

hmmm mmmm
I'll sing such a happy tune
Thanks to you lexapro
Track Name: Bam, smack, pow
Well howdy partner
riding tall and proud
Did you lead your horse to water
Or to a one horse town

You can not get the best of me
I'll always be one step ahead
Than you could ever be
Bam smack pow y'all down down ya fall

Well now your nailed to a wall
Do you carry any regrets
You thought you were untouchable
but what about all your friends

You can not get the best of me
I'll always be one step ahead
Than you could ever be
Bam smack pow ya'all down down ya fall