Major to Minor

by Steven X Davies

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Anda Volley
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Anda Volley Veering between funky, cinematic, funny, and direct honesty. Am & Dm are hilarious. Em is grand. I dig Davies' voice. A really cool concept album. Favorite track: Em Chord(Resolve).
Simon Waldram
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Simon Waldram Great album concept. 14 beautiful / heartfelt / funny / strange tracks from one of my very favorite songwriters. The first album since 2003's brilliant Songs of a Bitter Heart, but hopefully with a lot more to come. Favorite track: G Chord(Can Laughter).


Songs created between 1 and 27 February 2014 as part of the FAWM 2014 Challenge. I entered the challenge with concept idea of doing Single Chord songs throughout. While it lacks a certain polish which some non songwriting challenged tracks may possess I would have spent an average production time per track of around 30 minutes each song. I decided not to try to polish the results of this as getting caught up in making a better mix is what normally leads me to not ever releasing any of my music. I think there are some tracks that are well worth investing some time on. Thanks to those who take the time to listen.


released March 2, 2014




Steven X Davies Sydney, Australia

Singer Songwriter from Sydney Australia who doesn't care too much for Bio bullshit as he is too busy making music that's often heartfelt,honest,a bit crazy and unique.. so what are you waiting for... go on get listening or fuck off!

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Track Name: A Chord(Romantic Sophia)
Sophie loves romance while in a trance
When I see her dance
she says hello to me
Are you now alone inside
The wall you can not fall
Can I come into your grippy mind
We need a little more time.
Track Name: B Chord(Its Only The Drugs)
Hello hello how low does it need to go
What you've latched onto here
Most sane mind would refuse to follow
So far she's ok
But you know even monsters need their sleep
It's only The drugs
that stops her from killing everyone
Zesty and crazy and at time testy
She could be you best friend
But only if your name is satan
Track Name: C Chord(Destroy Me)
I can't absorb this pain forever
somethings got to give I'm afraid it may be me
Can I maybe walk away
it just didn't seem to work out that way
I've been down that road and you found me
I just need some time to be free from you anxiety please
Its destroying me
It may destroy me forever
Track Name: D Chord(Country Dee Jay)
I’m a country deejay
I spin a lot of shit country music
For the listening pleasure of shit country boys and girls

But when I’m not spinning these tunes
My tastes they follow a slightly different muse
I like to listen to some funky Hip Hop

Hey even the a boy from the country
Can enjoy a little bit of diversity
Is it too much to ask for?
Yo is it too much?

Coming up next Shania Twain
I feel like a woman

Its killing me all this shit it is killing me
Its killing me all this fucking shit is killing me
Next up Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus
Track Name: E Chord(Gotta Believe)
Is it so impossible to deal with you without the put downs
Can we not just get a long and lift each other off the ground

We can win successfully
We can gain a tremendous victory
We will achieve
We gotta believe

Could we simultaneously produce the same notes to a pleasing effect?
That doesn’t involve throwing fruit at each others head or wishing each other dead

Fuck it you bitch
Fuck this fuck it
Track Name: F Chord(Little Bit Of Time)
In this life we only have a little bit of time
a little bit of time a little bit of time
Because in this life only have a little bit of time
We had better make the most of it while we can

I don't have time to be blaming anyone
be drowned by past regrets
I need to have some fun
I enjoy every day seeing my family grow
I dream of how great thing could go
Track Name: G Chord(Can Laughter)
Can laughter
Take back a part of me that's died
Can laughter
Make sleeping on a bench seem alright

I can't sleep in gutter tonight its Friday
The soup kitchens open tomorrow morning its meal day

And I'm hungry
I'm so tired and hungry
Can't wait till Monday
That is when I see Larry

Larry has a cool way of begging for money
He sits with his head to the ground with his cardboard sign
It say Ninja's killed my family I need money for Kung fu lessons
Track Name: Am Chord(Amorphous)
Amid amuck amoral amusement am amending American amigos

Amorphous amidships amplifies amazement

amateurs Amorists amassing amidst Amyl
Ambulance Amputee amused amotions

Amazon amity ammo amount amasses
Amnesiac ambitions ambiance ambushed
Track Name: Bm Chord(Stevia)
think I’d drink some whisky that will help me when depressed
While Hankering in a pipe dream
I hear also sitting in darkness will help you rise again
While Hankering in a pipe dream
I’m fed up with the morose gloomy bad tempered bastard I’ve become
While Hankering in a pipe dream

I feel like something very bad is happening to me
I’m craving to find out who I used to be
Energy dissolves like Stevia in my chamomile tea x2

Lately I’m a lost cat who barks like a mongrel hound
While Hankering in a pipe dream
I shoot people often in my mind with my angry look
While Hankering in a pipe dream

I feel like something very bad is happening to me
I’m craving to find who I used to be
Energy dissolves like Stevia in my chamomile tea x2
Track Name: Cm Chord(Better Hurry Up)
I will trudge along the parade
Drag myself through this cloudy day

Hanging heavy limping along
unevenly into this shamble song

now you see the sky is falling
better hurry up and pass out

with a quick jab I was knocked right out
I fell straight on top of a cat
Poor little cat died completely flat
Track Name: Dm Chord(Like The Cheese)
You had better like the cheese

Swing high
Swing low
Swing like tempo

You had better like the cheese

Aim High
Aim Low
Aim with tempo
Track Name: Em Chord(Resolve)
Malicious people fuck over the good
People are unhappy sadly
I’m not planning on going anywhere
Please knock on wood
As I am fortunate to have a lovely family
But I know that in any sunny sky
clouds are never too far away
So I know there will be many many more shitty days

I guess I just have to hang in there
Stand my ground
Fight my way through the city crowds

It took all her determination to stand her ground

Resolve x4
Track Name: Fm Chord(Go On)
I will hug you as long as it takes as long as you hang on
Think of me as your number one resource go on and try it
I know you feel this hopelessness but I hope I never so you go
It's not too late now."
You can go on."
You have everything to live for
We all get tired of life sometimes
I care about what happens to you
There is so much left to do
The pain will stop
Track Name: Gm Chord(Uni Wanker)
Trendy people say
I like to sip on my chai latte
I like sit around the university
Sipping on my chai latte

On the weekend at a dance party
I like to hug my pretentious friends enjoying ecstasy