Daddys has been in jail most of my life/he knocked my mother up
the day he committed a big crime/went down for arm robbery for 22 years/
was an accessory for murder even though he didn’t do a thing
whoo hooo whoo hoo the poor runt/

Maybe he could have told his brother/to pull his head in/Instead when he killed the police officer /he simply stood and let him
whoo hooo whoo hoo the poor cunt/

We visited him a lot /when I was really young
in maximum security/He said he loved my Mum /she hardly even knew him
It guess lonely inside prison/knowing she was out there built some great romanticism
whoo hooo whoo hoo the poor cunt

Mum didn’t seem to mind /as she thought he was quite charming/This went of for quite a while /until I was half past nine/We’d see him every weekend/Fuck we had a pretty darn good time/Then sadly like a twist of fake everything changed

My mum got breast cancer and end up dying/I stood there all alone in a home the day that I turned ten /Heart broken missing Mum with no chance of getting near to him
It was the first time I’d know depression/now my biggest personal demon
whoo hooo whoo hoo the poor cunt

Spent 5 years stuck in foster family/Until I ran away/when I put a single foot wrong the belt would be slapped right into me/Found myself living on the streets of Sydney and Kings Cross/Spent a while in an allay in Surry hills and some nights in darlinghurt
whoo hooo whoo hoo the poor cunt

One day I sat there so lost/I thought of ending it/I was sitting on a bench near goulburn lockup and hunt street/I was almost 21 years of age I felt like I was in my 50s
when I saw this man walking towards me and I knew that it certainly was him

I asked him siir are you my father/He relied by saying my name/tears rolled down both of our faces/we looked very much the same/he hugged me like a fathera feeling I’d rarely known before/it changed my life and also his /we knew we’d won a war.


from Turn the painting right around, released April 29, 2017




Steven X Davies Sydney, Australia

Singer Songwriter from Sydney Australia who doesn't care too much for Bio bullshit as he is too busy making music that's often heartfelt,honest,a bit crazy and unique.. so what are you waiting for... go on get listening or fuck off!

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