Shut Up Get out of here

from by Steven X Davies



She went off
like an annoying cough
but you just knew she’d be back
sooner than you could clear your throat
she acts like an old billie goat
smuggly finding time to gloat
bout an argument won
eaten clothing melting in the sun
you realise everyones gone home
except you and the seagulls
okay theres still a few hangers on
who you’d rather see go
and they don’t really want to know
or woud ever consider to take you back home

Everyyear it becomes more clear
When it comes to loneliness theres little to fear
Because theres a much bigger price by letting anyone near
They can twist your shy veneer and make you want to scream
Shut up get out of here
I’d rather be alone my dear


from Turn the painting right around, released April 29, 2017




Steven X Davies Sydney, Australia

Singer Songwriter from Sydney Australia who doesn't care too much for Bio bullshit as he is too busy making music that's often heartfelt,honest,a bit crazy and unique.. so what are you waiting for... go on get listening or fuck off!

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